Product examples:

  • Locking pins (spreader pins) and tie bars (steering rods) with cooperative development and fabrication for BROMMA, NOELL and VALMET VC machines for over 20 years
  • Chain hoists, chain wheels and chain receivers
  • Murlubric slide plates
  • M52x3 screws, nuts and rods

Port technology partner since more than 20 years

High-strength components and large parts

Traditionally, Quast Praezisionstechnik GmbH is firmly anchored in the region's port technology. Our products have been lifting, holding, pulling and guiding containers in the port for more than 25 years. Components made with our fabrication know-how are used in various transport equipment from the port segment.

From design to assembly

With our machines in CNC turning and milling technology, we produce large, heavy components as well as smaller parts, all with high precision and designed for use under great stress: we can easily produce turned parts and milled parts with dimensions of up to 6×4×4m or Ø900mm×3.2m for you.


Just-in-time – comprehensive services

Based on the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard, all our processes are also certified according to the DIN EN 9100:2010 guidelines for the aviation industry, bringing the highest quality to the port for you as well. We are authorised for the transfer of material identification for load-bearing components according to DIN EN 10204.