3D Printing Technology

  • Materials:
    • Titanium Alloys
    • Aluminium Alloys
    • Polyamide (PA12)
    • ABS
  • Building size:
    • 250x250x250 mm (SLM)
    • 500x250x325 mm (SLM)
    • 340x340x620 mm (SLS)
  • 5 Machines, Concept Laser, SLM, EOS

3D Printing Technology

Metals and Plastics, Prototypes and final Parts

With the “Selective Laser Melting” (SLM) process we print titanium, aluminium and steel alloys with complex geometries.
Different plastics like PA12, PLA or ABS are printed by “Selective Laser Sintering” (SLS). The combination of technologies and materials fulfils every need from rapid prototyping for testing and demonstration to the final part that can be used in the aerospace, medical or mechanical industries.

End-to-end process expertise

We offer the complete value chain necessary to design, manufacture and post-process 3D printed parts. Design for AM guarantees that the part is optimized for 3D Printing by using topology optimization software and design guidelines. Post-processing of the part is equally important, applying the proper heat treatment technique, surface treatment and machining of supports and functional surfaces.

We support you during these crucial steps of the process.

  • Engineering & Design for AM
  • Topology optimization
  • 3D Printing
  • Heat Treatment
  • Post Processing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Additional Services