• Zeiss gantry-type coordinate measuring machines
  • Portable index arm type FARO Platinum
  • Belec Compact material spectrometer
  • Mitutoyo RA112 roundness measuring device
  • Heavy-duty crane weigher, capacity up to 10 tons

Measuring and analysis

We set standards

Quality is part of all processes and an integrative element of our company culture. Quality control and especially the verification of dimensional accuracy is integrated in the Quast quality management system. Precision is the key criterion used to measure the quality of our production in CNC turning and milling technology. Our highly qualified metrology technicians work with the latest high-performance software and market-leading measuring machines in air-conditioned measuring rooms.

Zeiss metrology

Two Zeiss gantry-type coordinate measuring machines (CMM) with a measuring range of 1,800×850×600 mm and a measuring accuracy of 2.9µm + L/250 (1D) or 3.6µm + L/200 (3D)1 are used for measuring. Alternatively, a portable index arm, type FARO Platinum with a measuring accuracy of 25µm and a sampling diameter of 2.5 m is available as well. Components can be captured in 3D with the VAST® Gold scanning sensor from Carl Zeiss AG and the latest Calypso software.

Depending on the task, our experienced metrology technicians use the Belec Compact material spectrometer (Fe, Ni, Al, Cu, Co, Ti), Mitutoyo RA112 roundness measuring device or the heavy-duty crane weigher for loads up to 10 tons for analysis and measurement.

Certified and tested

All measuring equipment and devices are tested regularly by an accredited DAR (German Accreditation Council) certification centre according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and/or DIN EN ISO 10360-2 and VDI/VDE 2617.